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Tuesday, 23 June 2015


Game rules



The rules may differ between the age of the pupils, but the base of the rules stays the same.

Older pupils for example only have one serve and may only hit the ball once, so called quick play.

You can also use a fotball and then hit the ball with your foot and head.

Four player begins in the square area, the area is divided between slave, knight, queen and king squares.

You also have a little square in the middle called the bomb area.

The other players form a quee behind the waiting line.

The rotation begins from the slave area towards the knight, queen and finally the king area.

Player that is out goes to the end of the line and wait, he is replaced by another player, from the waiting line you go to the slave area.

The purpouse of the game is to advance to the king area and stay there as long as possible while taking out the other players.

The king has two serves (if he/she miss the first), it is always the king that serves and the serve must first land in the king square before hitting an opponents square.

No unfair (difficult) ball against the slave.

You may only touch the ball twice before you hit it away (a total of three touches).

You may not hold the ball in your hands. The boll must land on your square before you touch it yourself.

If you laugh at someone else that is out or do anything else unfair towards another player you go out yourself and must then stand last in the waiting line.

If the ball comes in the middle, the so called bomb area, the king makes a bomb,the ball hits the ground hard in the middle area, and then land on one of the players square. The game then continues as usual. If the king ”bombs” out the ball from the bomb square then he is out.


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